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Exchange of students and teachers

We offer programs which help our students and teachers to win the competitions and get free internship or learning in the best universities in the world. Despite the short period of existence, MSHU managed to achieve success, as no other university in Mykolaiv has. Here are some figures.

Effectiveness of our exchange programs

For the period ov MSHU’s participation in "Act of support of freedom" for junior students, where the competition reaches 30 people for the place, 22 of our students won. Each of them studied at a university in the United States for a year. Our students have always been among the best on the faculty and were often marked by diplomas.

Helen Malitskayaєі Diploma for excellent education in Georgia College & State University.

International exchange of students and lecturers

We provide programs which give a chance to our students and faculty to win the competitions and to get an opportunity of free education or internship at the best universities in the world. For the short time of its existence, Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University has managed to achieve the great success, which none of the Mykolaiv universities have. Here are just a few examples.
Two students of the Political Science Department Yuliana Palahniuk and Yevheniya Nikitina got a Master's degree at the Central European University in Budapest. This university was created by the famous financier and social activist George Soros to provide the highest level of education for the students of Eastern European countries.

Last year, two students of political science Juliana Palahniuk and Yevgeny Nikitin received their master's degree at Central European University in Budapest. This university was established by known public figure and financier George Soros in order to provide the highest level of education for students of Eastern European countries.

World-famous financier George Soros presents Julian Palahniuk  a diploma of Master of Political Science of Central European University.

In the past year the faculty of foreign philology instructor Victoria Bokova received  the degree and a Master Degree diploma, the students MarynaVashchenko and Ivanna Pytlyar, who had studied by the U.S. program "Fulbright Student Exchange Program", also got the degrees. This year two of our students - Sergey Ponomarev and Victor Hanzhyn were among the ten winners in Ukraine who won the right to study by the program and going to the U.S. in September. In fact, no representative of other Mykolaiv universities had won the participation in this program.

Ivanna Pitlyar and Olena Malitskya in New York

Six (and again only ours) students - political scientists, economists, linguists, environmentalists were trained in the Parliament of Canada. It was a real work of the assistant of one of deputies - participation in the election process, responding to telephone inquiries of voters, personal meetings with Speaker of Parliament and Prime Minister of Canada.

near the parlaimet of Canada

All students return with great memories. Here are some quotes from the feedback of our students.

Catherine Olennikova, a year of study at the University of Nebraska, USA: "My greatest discovery of America was the system of education, and more specifically how nice to feel a student who has boundless opportunities for professional and personal development. I hope that my experience will facilitate further development of our university and city ...».

Katherine Olennikova (left) at her University competition on the american football

Marina Vashchenko, a year of study at Olney Central College, Illinois, USA, now she is Boston University Master of Education: "Mr.Tucker teaches world literature. He can not understand why Ivan has two surnames – Illych and Golovin in Tolstoy’s novel "The Death of Ivan Ilyich”. And his wife's surname is nor Ilyich, not Golovin, and in general – Fedorivna”.

Marina Vashchenko, Boston University Master of Education

Marina Vashchenko in Miamy, Florida

Ekaterina Romanova, a year of study in the Marshall Town Community College, USA: "Well, so what: Ukraine or America? – They ask me sometimes. You should not compare. We are different. I can only say that after I visited the U.S., my vision for this country had changed greatly. For example, take the same snow-white smile that "shine" at every turn. All artificial, right? No. Now I know that there are really not so much "duty" smiles. And the attitude to labor, material and spiritual values? Here, we can hardly understand each other. I think we have something to teach Americans about and we have something to learn from them ... "

Ekaterina Romanova at the Alley of Glory in Los Angeles, USA

Hanna Prylepska, Canadian-Ukrainian Parliamentary Program, a two month internship at the Parliament of Canada: "Canadians – is a bright colorful nation blessed to live in the vast beautiful country. Different nations live here as one. Maybe it sounds strange, but here people can proudly say: "I amUkrainian Canadian, I am German Canadian,  I am Japanese Canadian. All are equal! This is why Canada is not like any other country. Even in multicultural America, you will never hear: "I am a Chinese American" or "Russian American" only: "I am American "..».

Anna Prylepska during a meeting with Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien

Victoria Kovtun, a year of study at Bethany College, USA as well by Canadian-Ukrainian Parliamentary Program, a two month internship at the Parliament of Canada:
Internships in parliament left an unforgettable impression, especially welcome party for workers, interns and members of parliament. Also the celebration of Independence Day in Canada, June 1, in the capital of Canada – Ottawa, was an outstanding event. Grand show, actors’ performances, young crowd - it was luxury! But the impression of Niagara falls can not be compared to anything!

Near the parlaiment of Canada.Another view

Victoria Kovtun during a meeting with Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien

Elena Malitska, a year of study at Georgia College & State University, USA: "I will say that the learning process in the American university is very motivated, on the first hand, the system promotes itself, and secondly, why would not you learn if you know that you will have next autumn holidays in Miami, winter holidays in New York, and you will go to the carnival-Madi Gra to New Orleans in spring.. But here is an unexpected problem arises for permission and access to the public fun because "liberal" America has strict laws and a number of restrictions for youth younger than 21 years, that for us, Ukrainians, seems just funny... Thus, referring to the students, I should notice: do not believe television and know that sometimes here in Ukraine you have the freedom here, that your American peers has never dreamt about. That’s why, the 21-th birthday is a crazy holiday there... "

Elena Malitska in Miami,Florida

Elena Malitska near the Capitol in Washington, DC

Sergey Ponomarev (left) during training in the office of Member of Parliament of Canada Inki Mark (center)

Valery Paliy, the student of computer science, he studied a year at the University Eshlend, Ohio: "There is no doubt about the educational level in Mogilyanka - it is very high and respected in other countries, such as the United States. Now I am having practice in the Department of Information Technology of the University Eshlend in Ohio and the teachers are very satisfied with the results of my work, as well as the way I study. I would like to thank personally the rector L.P. Klimenko and rectors A.M. Trunov, because they are supervising teachers and students so well.

There are different views on the feasibility of supporting of student exchange program. There is a widespread view that these programs promote leaching of the best students from Ukraine, which is harmful for Ukraine and there is no benefit of these programs for the university. Many of the students remain abroad and thus we only strengthen the other state by our best students, who were educated here by the state cost for more than one thousand units of national currency.

Our University adheres to a different perspective. We believe that student exchanges make positive contributions at all levels: student, university, state, and that these contributions far exceed the negative consequences of that mentioned.

Student level.

  • We consider the exchange as an opportunity to receive additional educational services of high quality. For example, the University has no faculty of journalism, but there is great need among the students to hear the courses of this discipline. So many winners of exchange programs have chosen journalism as the main theme of their study in the United States.
  • This is the beginning of student career. Here is one example. Student of Department of Ecology Olga Kostrova, who was the Finalist of Freedom Support Act Undergraduate Program, studied at University of Alabama in Huntsville during the third course. While in the U.S. and after returning to Ukraine Olga took an active part in scientific conferences, made research works, proved herself as capable scholar and was asked to participate in master's program to Masachussets University. She earned money for education while conducting researches as a professor assistant.

Olga Kostrova while awarding Master's Degree on ecology of Massachuset's University

  • This is a tool to get a real look at another culture and appreciate your own with the fresh eye. Thus, the student receives their own vision of the best sides of foreign culture and re-appreciate it from the side of his own peculiarities. The first thing that catches the eyes of students - a culture of human relationships and, most importantly, careful attitude to another person, his views and features. For example, the finalists of the international programs have come to the conclusion that the exhibit at a public discussion of each student ratings is the same idelicate as exhibit publicly the results of medical tests of patients in the hospital. Because there are different people, they have different abilities and motivation. And isn’t it our indelicacy, which can fully compensate the natural sensitivity of our people and is the result of this to conside only a matter of sexual nature as intimate.
  • It is an additional opportunity to get great practical skills and identify their academic abilities. Students of our Academy have participated in international conferences (M. Vashchenko, O.Kostrova, O. Krichevska, E.Nikitina), and students of Faculty of Economics (V.Hordynets, G.Perfilyeva, O.Malitska, O.Balabushko) had a practice for firms and banks in the United States.
  • Finally, a linguistic practices is unexcelleded. It’s difficult to think a better method of studying foreign languages than to stay in an environment where all speak the language, and also require its use in professional training.

University level.

The University provides additional services, which, incidentally, cost nothing for it.

  1. Information about the University is distributed worldwide. Each of the students who had left for the United States, took the promotional information, such as flyers, CDs with the film on MF NaUKMA. Students communicate not only with residents of the United States, but with foreigners who are in attendance from around the world.
  2. The reputation of MSHU is growing both in Mykolaiv and in Ukraine. When representatives of international organizations of ACCELS were surprised by the number of winners from our university, some from neighboring areas said that that was only the result of different writing names of the city in Ukrainian and Russian (Mykolaiv, Nikolayev), and allegedly selective commission simply mistakenly believed that these were different cities. In subsequent years, although all applications submitted with transcription of the city in Ukrainian, the number of winners of MSHU has been still growing. Almost all the winners of the exchange program are students from Mykolaiv MSHU, and all Mykolaiv community knows it. We got the letters of thanks from organizations that conduct programs for organizational support of competitions.
  3. Competitions help to improve the success of students who have not won, but took part in competitions. It’s clear that their amount is much more than winners, and all of them have made projects of their abroad stay during a certain time at a high level of motivation, as well as resume, train pass tests in English, etc.
  4. University graduates will be more likely to work in different world environments. Thus an international body Alumni (graduates) is formed, who could potentially help the native Alma Mater in the future in the form of charitable contributions. It is known that the budget of individual universities reach several billion dollars, ie the same level as the budget of some developing countries. The lion's share of these contributions are very Alumni.
  5. Students establish international ties, which may be useful for the university. Many of our students participated in international conferences, which represented the Academy.

In Ukraine level the exchange of students leads to improved relations between countries at an informal level, ie integration into the world cultural environment at the bottom. No matter how many times the heads of the states meet in the official level, you need a certain critical mass of real relationship of ordinary citizens to overcome the actual boundaries.
With the support of the embassies of European countries and the United States there is working the Resource Center of European languages at MSHU faculty of foreign languages: English, German, French and Polish, which provide services to residents of Nikolayev, annual summer schools are held, where the youth of Mykolaiv participates various events such as American cinematography classes, music, poetry and even learn to sing and dance in the style of American musicals. Classes are conducted Ukrainian and American teachers.
In 2000, the MF of NaUKMA carried out an international student conference. The students from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Cherkasy, more than 20 students, bachelors and masters from the University of Silesia (Poland) took part in it. Interestingly that the level of English of our students was significantly better than of our foreign guests. Besides scientific discussions the participants exchanged views on the development of cultural relations between different countries on the student level.
Thus, thanks to the international activities of university students and other MB NaUKMA residents Nikolayev, who was for years a closed city for foreigners, want to see the cultural heritage of other nations. Leadership skills Winners International programs ensure intensive dissemination of experience among the inhabitants of Mykolayiv.
International activities of the University applies not only to students but also teachers. Among the four winners
from Mykolaiv of the prestigious United States Government programs for professors and scholars from Fulbright Senior Program
, two work in Mogilyanka.
Five young teachers from Mykolaiv region had a year of training in the United States program for Junior Faculty Development Program. They all work or worked at our university on the moment of a trip to the United States.

Victoria Kovtun, a year of study at Bethany College, USA as well by Canadian-Ukrainian Parliamentary Program, a two month internship at the Parliament of Canada:
Internships in parliament left an unforgettable impression, especially welcome party for workers, interns and members of parliament. Also the celebration of Independence Day in Canada, June 1, in the capital of Canada – Ottawa, was an outstanding event. Grand show, actors’ performances, young crowd - it was luxury! But the impression of Niagara falls can not be compared to anything!
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  • 27.03.2012 Фулбрайт. Відкрита лекція фахівця з афро-американській літературі, професора американістики University of West Florida (Pensacola, FL), автора низки статей з інтелектуальної історії та культурі США 20-го століття Марка Джеймса.

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  • 15.03.2012 У ЧДУ ім. П. Могили розглядають проблеми альтернативних джерел енергетики.

  • 12.04.2012 Виставка картин колекціонера Вадима Юрлова.

  • 06.04.2012 У ЧДУ ім. Петра Могили обговорили Закон України «Про державну службу» та поговорили про стратегію кадрової політики на 2012-2020 рр..

  • 15.05.2012 Студенти «Могилянки» пікетували приймальню депутата Солтиса проти відкриття питного закладу в корпусі їх вузу.

  • 10.05.2012 Презентація книги професора кафедри української історії Торонтського університету, академіка Канадської королівської академії наук Павла-Роберта Магочія.

  • Липень «Добрий вечір» Ємельянов Володимир Михайлович, к.т.н., доцент директор Інституту державного управління.

  • Серпень «Добрий вечір» Клименко Леонід Павлович, д.т.н., професор, ректор ЧДУ імені Петра Могили.

  • 23.05.2012 Відкрита першість Чорноморського державного університету імені Петра Могили по прибережній веслування.

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