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Information service of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine has provided us with guides of U.S. universities, terms of testing, training, receiving grants and advisory materials for documents preparation and interviews conducting. Rector, dean of the faculty and Head of International Department participated in the program with a stay in the United States.

The program "International Visitors" Peace Corps of the United States.
From 1997 8 teachers of economic, environmental sciences and English, including, for example, master of Harvard Business School Kern Lewis, who continued to stay at the university, worked at Mykolayiv State Humanitarian University of Petro Mohyla. English Language Resource Center was opened in Mykolaiv, based on MSHU and supported by the Peace Corps, summer schools with professional English language were held and a textbook was published. A summer school with a subject of performing art was held with the support of the Peace Corps in summer of 2003. University has received about 500 books and textbooks in English from the Peace Corps published in United States.

International Foundation “Vidrodzhennya” - has provided us with handbooks of U.S. universities in different fields of education, textbooks for training for testing programs and privileged forms of education. In 1997, the Fund supported the project "Development of Internet Training Center of National Cultural Complex of Mykolaiv (Head - Associated Professor Department of Computer Technology U.A. Batrak). In 1998 the Project “Conference Center of initiation of a public dialogue on the problems of transforming education" took the second place among the approximately 200 projects, which were submitted for the competition (tender) project to support public dialogue on the transformation of secondary and higher education. In 1999, the Fund supported the development of a training course "Local Government and Regional Development”.

The Educational Leadership Program of The Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation - the Rector  took part in the symposium "Artes Liberales: Free education and our society", October  22-25, 1998, Budapest, Hungary, and October, 19-22, 2000, Warsaw, Poland.

American Council on Cooperation in the field of education and language learning (ACCELS). Within five years, more than 20 students won the programs offered by ACCELS: Freedom Support Act Undergraduate Program, and Muskie / Freedom Support Act Graduate Fellowship Program. The program LIGP (Local Initiative Grant Program) granted to conduct the workshop and publication of materials of modern American literature for teachers of special schools with in-depth study of English on January, 2002  

Fulbright Scholar Program. Professor of Faculty of Foreign Languages G. Zaporozhets, which conducted research in the University of Maryland, participated in this most prestigious program of the U.S. government for professors and scholars in the 2000-2001 academic year. The dean of the faculty O.V. Pronkevych conducted researches in the University of Wisconsin (Madison, USA) during the 2003/2004 academic year from September 2003.

On April 16-17, 2002 there worked a delegation from Fulbright Program, headed by Professor Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak, Director of the program in Ukraine and Myurel Dzhoffe, program manager for the international exchange of professors in MSHU.

Civic Educational Project (CEP, Dzh.Sorosa Fund). Students of the Faculty of Economics had made 5 scientific reports at two conferences: "Future in the Making: Opportunities, Choices, Consequences" and "Roundtable on Sustainble Rural Development", which was held in Hungary. Four students of MSHU attended the regional student conference "Conflicts in Transition Societies", which was held in Kharkiv.

Goethe Institute (Germany) -  it supported the successfull creation and activity of MSHU’s Resource Center and courses in German, carried out by Ukrainian teachers with a teacher from Germany Mr. Markus Rode. On May 20 -21, 2002 there were events undertaken within the project "German cinema cities of Ukraine" (seminars, concerts, demonstration of films). The courses of German were held.

Siemens (Germany) - Concern Siemens carries out the multimedia event Join Multimedia within the project "Youth and Knowledge", in which youth of many European countries participate.

The team of students of our university won the all-European competition «Join Multimedia 2002” in the category Long Run. Awards were held in Munich on September 20, 2002. Martin Grunert - general representative group Siemens AG in Ukraine, General Director of Siemens Ukraine, Tatiana Gubenko - Head of Information and Public Relations, Edward Blynshteyn - Representative DP Siemens Ukraine in the southern region participated in the worship of the winners of MSHU.

Over the next two years, the university team received awards again - in 2003  the prize Europe Team in the amount of 2 500 euro reached a united team of professional-technical school of Schwab-Gmünd, Germany, and students of Mykolaiv State Humanitarian University of Petro Mohyla, Ukraine.

"Join Multimedia 2004”. This year there was the largest number of works submitted for all time of the competition "Join Multimedia" - more than 1 400 presentations from 30 European countries, including 26 works from Ukraine.

MSHU of Petro Mohyla  team presentation on the subject "Movement in the spirit of the era - to build digital bridges between cultures" with the title "Technology and Innovation", which was presented at the European competition "Join Multimedia" ranked second in the category Long Run in the age category from 16 to 24 years.

Prizes «Join Multimedia 2002, Munich, Germany

Company ALDEC (USA - Poland). Students of MSHU were twice winners of international competitions in programming, which introduces the company and were awarded with training in Poland. There were mutual visits of the Director of the company p.Stenli M. Hudyuk to MSHU and the delegation of MSHU headed by the rector went to the company’s office in Poland. There was concluded a cooperation agreement.

Association of Alliance Française. Teachers and students participate in several cultural programs through the association of Alliance Française and the French Cultural Center at the Embassy of France in Ukraine: “Ukrainian novel”, "The International Competition for theaters that played in French”. The Student Theater "Grail" has participated in the festival of French-language theater in Kiev. Student of the faculty Irina Polzikova twice received the special award as best actress of the festival and a scholarship to attend the world-renowned theater festival in Avignon (France). There worked three teachers of French in MSHU and more than 1000 books and manuals in French were received thanks to the grant of the Alliance Française.

French military delegation headed by the military attache of the Embassy of France visits the University

Library of USA Congress. During the visit of the Rector of MSHU of Petro Mohyla to the United States there was reached an agreement with Mr.Bohdanom Yasinskym - a regional representative of the library in Europe, about the representation of MSHU of Petro Mohyla publications in the Library of Congress.

Euroclub - Mykolaiv - students of MSHU of Petro Mohyla take part in activities related to cultural exchanges with European youth NGOs. The Academy hosted a delegation headed by the president of "Association Soleil d'Energodar" Stefan Feronom. The 2 nd year student and club chairman Irene Nagorna visited France by the invitation of the French organization. There were received books’ sets, audio and video on the cultural heritage of France. Euro club together with MSHU has received several grants for the creation of the University Center for European languages.

ICF "Smoloskyp”. Under the term of existance MSHU received 25 annual grants from American diaspora. MSHU of Petro Mohyla conducted 4 scientific student conferences to support this organization.

Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University. For many years there is supported the exchange of books and information materials. The graduate student Vera Moskalenko attended a course on Ukrainian Studies for the Grant of the International Renaissance Foundation.

Vera Moskalenko with Harvard University President Lawrence Summers

British Council -  on November 12, 2001 the visit of Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Mr. Roland Smith to Ukraine took place. Rector of educational work A.M. Trunov worked on probation at Edinburgh University, Head of Department of English Language Gryshkova R.O. and English teacher Parsyak A.N. trained at the University of Cambridge, Head of Department of Foreign Languages Zaporozhets G.V. worked on probation at the University of Kent. Professor Y. Kondratenko is a member of two categories of institutions of Fellow category: Institute of Marine Engineers, Scientists and Technologists - IMarEST and the Royal Institute of Naval Architechts - RINA (London). In October 2000 English teachers held interregional seminar of the British Council on the professional English language teaching in MSHU (for teachers from Odessa, Kherson and Mykolaiv). The University has received the small library from the British Council, which includes books about business, audio tapes, textbooks of Master class, reference books, a set of leaflets about the UK. Teachers of MSHU constantly use the British Council Library in Odessa.

Union of Education and Science of Poland. In connection with the stay of the Ukrainian - Polish Seminar the activists of the Union of Education and the Union of Polish teachers in the number of 34 persons attended MSHU of Petro Mohyla on July 4, 2002.
The universities Ruhr-University Bochum (University of Ruru, Germany), Federal Institute of Technology (Zurich, Switzerland), Texas A & M University, Ukrainian University (Moscow), Ukrainian research institution TU ¬ ¬ t Harvard University, Queen's University (Canada, Ontario), Heteborzkyy University (Sweden), Universität Hannover (Hannover University, Germany) cooperated with MSHU.
MSHU delegation headed by the rector visited Kharbin Engineering University (May-June 2002), Rzheshovskyy University (Republic of Poland, November 2003), El Camino College (California, USA) and the College of International Development (Chicago, USA) - in April 2005. The  cooperation agreements were signed as a result.
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  • Громадянське суспільство (Іванов М. С. )

  • Україна і геополітика (Чупрін Р. В.)

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  • 13.12.2011 ІГУ (відкрита лекція Стівена Харріса,доктора державного управління професора Школи Публічної політики та Адміністрування Карлетоньского університету м.Оттава,Канада).

  • 12.12.2012 На базі ЧДУ ім. Петра Могили відкриється унікальна науково-освітня лабораторія «Microchip».

  • 09.12.2011 Круглий стіл до дня захисту прав людини

  • 16.11.2011 Посвята студентів першокурсників фак-та соціології

  • «Добрий вечір» Трунов Олександр Миколайович, к.т.н., доцент, перший проректор, проректор з навчальної і виховної роботи.

  • 02.03.2012 Виставка Леоніда Ящеко.

  • 18.03.2012 Зустріч ректора, Л.П.Кліменко з майбутніми студентами.

  • 20.03.2012 З 20 по 23 березня Чорноморський державний університет імені Петра Могили відвідав заступник декана місіонерського факультету православного Свято-Тихонівського гуманітарного університету священик Олексій Лимарєв.

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  • Конвокація магістрів ЧГУ

  • 15.03.2012 У ЧДУ ім. П. Могили розглядають проблеми альтернативних джерел енергетики.

  • 12.04.2012 Виставка картин колекціонера Вадима Юрлова.

  • 06.04.2012 У ЧДУ ім. Петра Могили обговорили Закон України «Про державну службу» та поговорили про стратегію кадрової політики на 2012-2020 рр..

  • 15.05.2012 Студенти «Могилянки» пікетували приймальню депутата Солтиса проти відкриття питного закладу в корпусі їх вузу.

  • 10.05.2012 Презентація книги професора кафедри української історії Торонтського університету, академіка Канадської королівської академії наук Павла-Роберта Магочія.

  • Липень «Добрий вечір» Ємельянов Володимир Михайлович, к.т.н., доцент директор Інституту державного управління.

  • Серпень «Добрий вечір» Клименко Леонід Павлович, д.т.н., професор, ректор ЧДУ імені Петра Могили.

  • 23.05.2012 Відкрита першість Чорноморського державного університету імені Петра Могили по прибережній веслування.

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